Demand for pomegranate

The past couple of years, more and more consumers have become aware of the health benefits of pomegranates. This caused a strong increase in the demand for fresh pomegranates. Not only the demand for fresh pomegranates but also the demand for juice and concentrate made of pomegranates have been increased.

The pomegranate concentrate inherently is concentrated pomegranate juice. The concentrate could be very interesting for juice manufacturers. In the majority of the countries the concentrate is in great demand than juice.

New research shows that a total of 478 new pomegranate products hit the market in 2006. Among them were 19 new pomegranate desserts, 32 sauces, 17 spreads, and 216 new pomegranate drinks - not the least of which was the Starbucks Pomegranate Frappucino.

The Demand for pomegranates is soaring fast. And with Pomegranate Arils Separator it will rise even faster.