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Epunica is a subsidiary of Alphanumerics Technologies LTD, a developer of innovative Industrial machinery.

Since its establishment in 1987, Alphanumerics Technologies has developed and manufactured a vast range of machines for a variety of applications.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Mechanical and pneumatic assembly machines
  • Testing machines
  • Complementary chip processing machines
  • Manual Assembly devices
  • Assembly, testing and handling lines, combining vision, servo systems, As well as digital and analogical data collection and processing.

We are dedicated to continue to focus on this market niche, specializing in the Design and production of devices for extracting the largest quantity.

Epunica specializes in manufacturing a machine used in processing pomegranate products that automatically extract arils from pomegranates. The machine is manually loaded with one pomegranate half. Within 4 to 7 seconds (depending on the size and variety of the pomegranate fruit) the arils are separated from the peels (outer skin and inner membranes of the fruit).

With its growing popularity and recognition, Pomegranate, a healthy fruit required in many fields of the food industry, created a need in the food processing arena. Recent studies show that pomegranate wine and juice contain powerful antioxidants, possessing anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and other useful properties.

With this in mind, Epunica developed a machine for extracting arils from pomegranate fruits. It was originally conceived and developed under the auspices of Vered Mechanics, over A period of several years.

The Industrial Pomegranate Arils Separator (I.P.A.S) was born.

Aside from its very obvious functionality, The IPAS is also used in the food industry to manufacture ready-made salads at present. It may also be used both in an industrial level and at home. It does not consume any water at all, nor does it use air pressure for the technological process.

Advantages the IPAS ( over devices on the market include its small size, no water consumption, and no need for air pressure in the technological process.

Main Advantages of the The Industrial Pomegranate Arils Separator (I.P.A.S):

  • Used in Industrial Level
  • The machine uses 3-phase electric supply for the big capacities (500 kg fruits/hour) and 1-phase electric supply for the small ones (60 kg fruits/hour).
  • No need to use water in the technological process offered.
  • No need to use air pressure in the technological process offered.
  • The machine has a simple structure and is highly reliable.

Looking ahead, we are developing strategic partnerships for joint ventures for further common development of a home machine and marketing the technology offered.

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